Friday, May 31, 2019

RIP Roky

Today's bummer is news of the death of Roky Erickson, the frontman of pioneering psychedelic rock band The 13th Floor Elevators. Being a college radio listener, I have long been a fan of the 'Elevators, and had referenced them in a couple of blog posts. Even more than Roky's distinctive vocals and jangly guitar, the main feature which made the band's sound so unique was their use of the electric jug, showcased perfectly in such songs as the epic Slip Inside this House, an anthem of the psychedelic era.

Perhaps my favorite song by the band is She Lives (In a Time of Her Own), which might be an ode to a woman...

Roky had his fair share of mental and legal issues, both of which were exacerbated by his use of, and praise for, mind-altering substances. It's almost a miracle that he survived as long as he did. His legacy as the leader of one of the most outré bands in American popular music will remain secure, at least among us weirdos.

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