Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Somewhat Reserved Happy Thanksgiving

Here's wishing my readers a happy Thanksgiving for a not-so-happy year.  For most of the year, there has been little to be thankful for, so I will reserve my gratitude for next year, which I sure hope is a comeback year.  

I'm spending the holiday on the job, which is the best place to be on this socially-distant holiday.  I have a small pot of gravy simmering on a hotplate, and will soon be making a small stuffed turkey meatloaf in the toaster over.  For a treat, I gave Ginger a bowl of milk, and she'll be getting a bit of turkey later.

I made sure to text my siblings, and everybody is doing well.  My brother Sweetums, in Switzerland, busted out the XXL fondue pot to celebrate Thanksgiving in Swiss fashion.  My brothers Gomez and Vincenzo, and my super snarky sister, Pickle, are doing well.  I just heard from one of my uncles, and he reminded me to follow the governor's orders to hunker down, which pretty much describes a typical workday for me.

I spoke on the phone with Mom at some length.  She is in a bit of a melancholy mood because she's not used to a Thanksgiving spent apart from at least a portion of our large family.  Of course, travel was out of the question, especially given the fact that one of my nieces is awaiting a COVID test after a classmate of hers tested positive.  Even Christmas shopping was a wash for Mom, she went to a couple of places to look for gifts to ship to the grandchildren in Switzerland, and the pickings were slim.  I told Mom to hold out for Easter, when a vaccine is likely to be available and a regime better equipped to handle the pandemic is in place. That's something to be thankful for...

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving, to the extent to which it's enjoyable.  Right now, I have a 'dorm room turkey dinner' to finish assembling.  I'm thankful to have a toaster oven right now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Worst Holiday EVER!!!

This Thanksgiving Eve has been declared a holiday by the MAGA dead-enders who have placed their hope in a shameless con-artist posting as an attorney: These idiots just can't let go of that whole 'Kraken' thing, and they have even come up with a new plot point... the Kraken is not a reference to a children's fantasy-action movie, but a reference to a sophisticated Department of Defense computer program being deployed against the Deep State:

It's amazing how quickly these idiots move the goalposts... I do love the bit about Trump's Space Force playing an instrumental role in this war against Joe Biden and the Democratic Cabal.  In the meantime, Sidney 'Kraken Releaser' Powell has set up a fundraising site and stands to make bank by scamming gullible Trumpers who just can't acknowledge reality.  

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, I have to say that I'm thankful that these people are too stupid to effectively pull off this attempted coup.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Another Icon Gone

Today's bad news is the the death of David Dinkins, New York City's first, and , African-American mayor. Dinkins' term ranged from 1990 to 1993, a period of time in which the crime rate dropped, and a lot of community revitalization took place, trends for which his successor, Rudy Giuliani, took credit. Shortly after Dinkins' term, I worked in a South Bronx neighborhood which was heavily revitalized during Dinkins' administration. Mayor Dinkins also initiated the 'cleanup of Times Square. 

Giuliani's campaign against Dinkins, predictably, played on racial anxiety, particularly regarding the Crown Heights Riot, during which Jamaican-Americans protested the death of a child struck by a car in a Hasidic convoy, and a Hasidic student was knifed to death. Mayor Dinkins was unfairly accused of favoring the Jamaican-American protestors, while actually trying to defuse a difficult situation impartially. We all know how Giuliani turned out. 

I met David Dinkins in the early 2000s, at a fundraising dinner. He was a gracious, lovely man. He deserved a lot better than he got, his successor's reputation as the man who cleaned up New York was largely stolen from David Dinkins. In a particularly poignant turn of events, Mr Dinkins died mere weeks after his wife. My sincere hope is that the Dinkins legacy receives the scrutiny, and reassessment that it deserves.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Sic Semper Petty Tyrannis

Emphasis on the petty... It looks like Trump has finally authorized the creation of a transition team, even though he has not officially conceded, and probably won't ever do so: The general consensus is that he didn't write that, it's just too literate. The lawsuits are failing, the legal team a coterie of krakens crackpots. Internecine fighting has broken out among the gang that couldn't shoot law straight. Only the most dedicated dead-enders are clinging to the hope that this is all a plan by Agent Orange to entrap Biden, Harris, and the entire Democratic Party for some non-defined plot to steal the election. some grifters will rise, others fall, but it looks like the Grifter-in-Chief has thrown in the towel. 

 Trump is a coward, he probably won't make a grand spectacle out of leaving office, just engage in a slew of petty moments of 'revenge'. He actually WOULD have a flunky remove the J's from White House keyboards. I can't wait to hear the final whimper.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Cozy Kittty

 With the political situation being what it's been for the past MUMBLEMUMBLE months, I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of my beloved coworker Ginger in a while.  This is a case of the blog not being a reflection of real life, because I've been spending more time than usual with her.  Because we're down to a skeleton crew, we have shifted some of our work practices a bit, and Ginger and I have been occupying the same building for longer periods of time per shift.  

Needless to say, she's gotten really comfortable with the current situation:

Hey, my charger/data cord is in that bag... how do you expect me to post about you?

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Fiddling While Rome Burns

 Via Tengrain, we have the story of Trump skipping out on a G20 summit discussion of COVID-19 preparedness.  Donald decided to fiddle while Rome burns, going to the golf course while the leaders of Germany, South Korea, Argentina, and France attempt to "foster international cooperation and to find solutions that protect people’s lives and livelihoods".   It's no big loss, Trump has absolutely nothing to contribute to such a discussion, with the US leading the world in COVID-19 deaths, and cases spiking nationwide.  I wouldn't expect a children's welfare agency to invite Ghislane Maxwell as a keynote speaker.

The real kicker is that he's billing the taxpayers for golf cart rentals to his Secret Service detail.  his farcical-and-tragic reign can't end soon enough.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Swanson's Turkey Gets Carved in Night of Long Knives

In the aftermath of Trump's electoral loss, I have been sporting a perpetual Schadenboner, and perhaps the most delicious part of it is the internecine fighting that has broken out among right-wingers.  A Night of Long Knives is a-brewin', and it looks like frozen food heir Tucker Carlson is going to get carved up like a turkey destined for a TV dinner.  Carlson, who is the Fox 'pundit' most beloved by white supremacists, made the fatal mistake of criticizing last best MAGA hope Sidney Powell by pressing her for evidence of voter fraud.  BIG MISTAKE!  Now the Donald Dead Enders are proclaiming that Tuck is a cuck,  Even flat-out neo-Nazis are rejecting the one Fox figure they thought was one of their own.

It wasn't so long ago when Republicans were touting Tuck as a 2024 presidential candidate... he's an authoritarian like Trump, and probably even more racist, but he is smarter and a better speaker.  He would have been a lot more dangerous than Trump, able to keep a lid on the bad stuff a lot better.  Now, he's quickly becoming yet another Emmanuel Goldstein for the far-right, a public enemy in a two-minutes hate that goes on for years.  The next Republican primary is going to be a disturbing spectacle, to say the least.