Monday, May 6, 2019

Welcome to MY World

I work nights, I've worked nights as long as I've been with the organization, even though by nature I think I am a 'morning person'. For years, I have suggested to our head of human resources that we should hold an all-staff 'jamboree' at night so everybody could get a taste of what I and my team experience... and I'm only half joking. So far, the main office hasn't 'greenlit' this proposal.

Tonight, though, I will be my immediate boss and representatives of our events production department at 8PM on one of our sites. Sunset is at 7:55. They want to assess the lighting conditions on-site in advance of a proposed new nighttime event in October. A few years back, they had a nighttime event at this site and nobody asked the night crew what conditions were, nor did anyone check out the site to ascertain conditions for themselves. The parking lot was pitch-dark as I could have told them. As luck would have it, I called one of my subordinates, who is a big flashlight nerd, and he showed up with a portable, inflatable emergency light tower and saved the day night. I cited this 'out of left field' solution to an unforeseen problem as a reason to hire him full-time (this happened this pay period, after seventeen years of part-time status).

I'm going to suggest that any lights for the event be temporary. I prefer to have the site largely dark at night because it is a sizable green space, a haven for deer, turkeys, osprey, and other wildlife. Tonight, the spring peepers will be chiming their ancient love songs, and I want them to have as natural a dark night as can be found in the New York metro area.


Ali Redford said...

I'm grateful for Nature and all her creatures that you have the job you have! :-)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I love the job, there's a lot of green space at our various sites.