Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Keymaster

There's one building on the job that I don't have they keys to... nobody does. I have three keys to get the keys- a master padlock key to get me onto the site, a master door key to open the building in which the keys are stored, and a key to the keybox in which the precious keys are kept. Needless to say, the building these keys open is one I feel squirrely about entering- even though I am not a clumsy person, it's a building in which I feel like a bull in a china shop. It's the one building you might have heard about.

Tonight, our director of special events will be coming with a local bigwig, a model, and a photographer to hold a promotional photoshoot for the region- it's to boost tourism, and it will benefit us as well as the nearby towns. I have to open the gates and then open up the Very Sensitive Building so this process can take place. Thankfully, I won't be the only company representative onsite. Our director of special events is one of my favorite co-workers, she's got a good work ethic and a better sense of humor... she's the type of individual who, regardless of her rank, would pick up a mop and clean up a spill that posed a slipping hazard during an event. She started with the organization in the month of August a few years back, and by the end of our busy fall season, three months later, I felt like I had known her for a decade. She's THAT kind of person, the sort of person who readily instills both loyalty and camaraderie. She's the sort of person you want around when you're holding a key that you treat as if it were a plutonium rod. She's not the kind of person who'd allow herself to be possessed by Zuul:

Funny, poking around the t00bz, I found an ankylosaur named Zuul crurivastator- while the generic name is indeed modeled on the Ghostbusters demon, the real funny joke is the species name, which translates to 'Destroyer of Shins'.

UPDATE: I talk a good game when it comes to pessimism, but everything (of course) went smoothly. It was even fun hanging out with my coworkers (one of the photography crew is a guide at one of our sites) and the other folks involved in the photoshoot. One big joke was that if anything DID happen, we would have to leave the country to escape the ire of our head of curation. Our director of special events told us that we could move in with her parents in England. I called dibs on the room above the garage.

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