Friday, May 24, 2019

Escape from New York

A standard joke of mine is that the movie Escape from New York didn’t have to be a Sci-Fi flick- a simple documentary about getting out of the city on a weekend would have sufficed. Today being the Friday before a three day weekend, I knew what I was potentially facing, so I left the house a half hour earlier than usual. Thankfully, I only ran into heavy traffic along a half-mile stretch of highway, though the Tappan Zee bridge bound traffic looked like hell.

I will be working all weekend, which suits me fine. I have become curmudgeonly, and really have no patience for crowds. Who needs to sit in an overheating car, stuck in traffic en route to the beach on a weekend like this? Having gotten to work, I had visitors tell me that they had fought traffic jams on their way up from the city. I’d rather be a designated non-combatant. Hopefully, the traffic will be thin on Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday, I will be going against the flow of vacationers returning from the Catskills and the Jersey shore. I have all midweek to go gallivanting.

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