Saturday, June 1, 2019

This Being June 1st

June first is my sister's birthday, and when we were young, it signaled the beginning of that awkward period when my sister and I, Irish twins, were the same age... it was a time when we were impossible to be around, and all of the family pretty much resigned themselves to us being jerks. Once my birthday rolled around, this particular phase would pass, never to be spoken of until the next year.

We've both mellowed considerably since those days of being periodic pains-in-the-ass, and the family doesn't have to deal with this unpleasantness anymore. We both share the family penchant for nerdery, but she's snarkier than I could ever hope to be, so I guess I benefited more from this mellowing. At any rate, I'll be conveying my best wishes to her when things get quiet on the job, and I'll even keep a civil tongue when I'm doing so.

Happy birthday, super-sarcastic sis!


Anonymous said...

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Ali Redford said...

Yikes... (above comment.)

Happiest of birthdays to your sister, and I hope it's a great weekend for you, too! :-)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, Ali, my sister would kick this d00d's ass twenty ways from Sunday.