Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Shifting to New Grifting

In a surprise move, chronic embarrassment Candace Owens will be leaving College Republican scam organization Turning Point USA in order to pursue a new grift. Her stated goal is to increase African-American college enrollment, but I somehow doubt that she will give the United Negro College Fund a run for the money. She will undoubtedly play up her Blexit grift, and her use of terms such as 'the Democrat plantation' is sure to bring all the old white Republicans to the yard.

Candace Owens was a fraud evven before she discovered the right-wing scam machine, and it seems that she's merely outgrown TPUSA and her former boss Charlie Kirk. Being one of the premier Blacks Against African-Americans is a potentially lucrative gig, and TPUSA was merely a booster rocket that needed to be jettisoned so Candace can blast off beyond the right-wing grifter stratosphere. Personally, I look forward to her lining her own pockets and pissing away millions of wingnut welfare dollars like a common Milo Yiannopoulos. Fleece 'em, Candy!


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