Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Election Day 2021

Today is Election Day here in NY State.  I had to work a 9PM to 9AM overnight because my principle workplace is a polling site.  I had to open the place up for the poll workers at 5AM (a half hour earlier than previous years), and facilitate their setup process.  Before they arrived, I cordoned off sections of the building that are not open to the public, placing a display shelving unit in front of the stairs down to the basement, where there are offices and an employees' kitchen.  Our two main bathrooms are closed to the general public, and to block off the area where the accessible bathroom has been designated for the poll workers, I strategically placed a large folding table.  My one saving grace is that I can do a lot of 'two person' jobs single-handedly, being a bit of a brute.

The main local race is for the County Executive.  I have received mail from the local Republican machine attacking George Latimer, the incumbent Democrat, for somehow being a party to a fiendish plan to bring in tens of thousands of immigrants from 'South of the Border'.  I've made my position on this clear.  Locally, the mailers for the Republican candidate for City Council in my district-and-ward basically say in not-quite-dogwhistles, "MY OPPONENT IS BLACKITY-BLACK-BLACK!!!"  I can't abide by this race-baiting bullshit in my diverse city.  It was a pleasure to vote against these GOP assholes, who have no positive accomplishments to recommend them to non-bigoted voters..

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Richard said...

I hope you at least provided a bathroom or two! Some of us citizens may have to wait in line for hours! Also, there maybe old people and children who need to use the bathroom!
Hopefully, there was a translator or two and a couple medics!

Everybody likes to laugh at Utah, but we vote by mail or dropbox at library or city office. I like to use the library dropbox.

Anyway, thank you for helping because it is a community effort.