Saturday, November 6, 2021

The Texas Brain-Flaw Mass-o-Q

On Monday, I posted about QAnon watchers discovering that the QCumbers were gathering in Dealy Plaza in Dallas for the return of JFKs, Jr AND Sr.  According to some of the crazier members of this pack of crazies, JFK Sr would reveal himself to be alive, reinstate Trump as President, Trump would name JFK Jr as his Vice President, then JFK Jr would declare Trump, I shit you not, King.

It seems that the Q crowd never left Dallas, even though neither of the Dead Kennedys showed up.  Last night, they held one of their disingenuous 'save the children' (from Killary's pizzeria basement sex dungeons) rallies, and returned to Dealy Plaza this morning for another Qtenanny.

Once again, Dallas-based journalist Steven Monacelli is doing a yeoman's job covering this madness:

As always, it's the little details which are truly amazing. In this case, the attendees were instructed by a man with a parrot on his shoulder to look for a pyramid which signifies that the Illuminati murdered a 'good guy' at that location:

Apparently, the QAnon people were trying to reverse the curse that the Illuminati cabal placed on Dallas on that fateful November morning. I would find this all very perplexing, but I've read this book before


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