Friday, November 12, 2021

Anti-Vaxxers Now Un-Vaxxers

It looks like the anti-vax crowd has come up with a new scam, un-vaxxing.  The influencers, by which I mean grifters, are telling the rubes how to draw the vaccine from their bodies:

This recipe for a 'detox' bath, as hot as one can stand, sounds like a prescription for all sorts of skin ailments:

I imagine that emergency rooms will experience a rush of patients presenting with bad cases of beef scrote, a not-necessarily-welcome change from horse paste ass

Wonkette's Robyn Pennacchia wrote a very funny post about this subject. In her post, Robyn mentions the conspiracy whackaloonery about the vaccines containing parasites and graphene oxide to nourish them into chestbursters... for a genuine example of this lunacy in action, here's an asshole mentioning it around 5:40 in this video by stalwart chronicler of American decline Andrew Callaghan: 


I suppose this particular development in the anti-vaxx community is a win/win... people are getting the vaccines due to mandates, but the idiots who don't believe in vaccinations are subjecting themselves to self-inflicted pain and suffering, a just punishment for their stupidity and selfishness. The one caveat here is that these creeps are probably subjecting their children to these treatments... they have a bad record of child abuse.  For those assholes, prison sentences are a proper prescription.


DocAmazing said...

You should see what these types do to their kids when they suspect autism. It's not funny, and I have a gruesome sense of humor.

StringOnAStick said...

I read the wiki link on Borax and interestingly enough, the EU classifies over exposure to it as causing fertility problems. So, their quacks are telling them the Covid vaccine causes infertility, so "fix it" by exposing yourself to a substance that is linked to fertility problems. Ok.

Between this latest quackery and the side effect of ED from severe Covid, I'm seeing some fertility decline in wingnut land. Oh well.

Richard said...

Us boomers used to use borax to make little cockroach cookies. Poison bate for those cucarachas. I think people are still doing it.

We had plenty to get panic about, but hey at least we can go to drugstore and buy borax and kill some roaches.

Anyway i forget the recipe, but then you would put those little cookies in the usual places.

We were too busy, trying to figure out the best ways to use government cheese. So i never did that.

Ali Redford said...

Wow. We used a water/Borax mix (with gloves and tools for spreading!) to strip our old wood floors (lotsa carpet glue from previous owners.) It worked great! On The Floors.

Ten Bears said...

But for the Borax, and the too-hot water, none of that will do any harm.

Borax, on the other hand, will strip anything ;)

Lady M said...

I have made slime borax before. A mix of borax and glue. I touched it and did have reaction. However, I did not put the in any body orifice.