Saturday, November 27, 2021

First Leg of the Return Trip

Today, I tackle the first leg of the return trip, post-Thanksgiving.  We'll be leaving soon, heading out at the same time my nieces leave for their horse riding lessons... there's no urgency to leave, and we want to maximize our time together.  

Mom and I spent a good chunk of Wednesday watching the girls ride, and more importantly, of watching them help their friends out- they ride horses owned by other riders, many of whom have nine-to-five jobs, and are trusted to exercise these animals.  I also watched, with pride, the girls helping an older friend, a recent college grad, load a balky horse onto a travel trailer, using a companion horse to reassure the reluctant one to enter.  They are smart, kind kids, and I just love spending time with them.  I'm a bit bummed that we don't really have time to see them in action for another day.

Yeah, there's no urgency to leave, no 7AM start to adhere to. Mom and I are going to stick to the winning formula of our trip down- a light breakfast, supplemented by occasional snacking on the drive.  The goal is to avoid stops as much as possible while we are traversing what Charles Portis dubbed 'pelagic America'. 

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