Thursday, November 18, 2021

From the Conspiracy Fever Swamps

Tonight, I've seen a bit of conspiracy whackaloonery I'd never seen before.  QAnon Anonymous podcast host Julian Feeld is conducting a Twitch stream in which he's watching the QShaman, who the podcast hosts met last year, expounding on conspiracies about the UN teaming up with Antifa, Gay Cannibal Sex Clubs, Hollywood Satan worshipers, and other lunacy.  I'd hunt down the video, but I don't even know what platform it's on, and frankly, QShaman is pretty damn boring.

Among the bizarre tidbits is the claim that Dr Anthony Fauci is Mother Teresa's son.  I feel somewhat embarrassed that I haven't heard this one before.  The big feature of conspiracy culture is claiming that there are secret connections between and among individuals, that there is a shadowy cabal of interconnected actors, weaving their sinister web to entrap the normies of the world.  EVERYBODY of note is in on the conspiracy, or has been deputized to fight it.


tony in san diego said...

this is the funniest line in the Mother Theresa story:
USA TODAY could not find any evidence Fauci and Mother Teresa are related.

They can't just say it is bullshit, they have to say We can't find evidence...which implies that it *might* be there somewhere.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, truth tellers couch their findings in qualified terms, while liars just let their freak flag fly.

Richard said...

I share your embarrassment. We should have known already.