Monday, November 29, 2021

Back in the Proverbial New York Groove

I just got back to New York around 11PM last night (heading to work, rather than home), and already my vacation seems like a dream.  Looking back over last week, I realize that I accomplished a lot.  Mom was able to get her booster shot at a drugstore in Alabama (there being a paucity of vaccines in her Virginia environs).  I got to see my nieces taking riding lessons and help out their friends at the stables.  I got to hear my nephew practice singing for his upcoming Christmas recital.  I got slobbered on by a very large dog on several occasions.  I set up a Thanksgiving Zoom that all of my siblings and most of my nieces and nephews were able to participate in.  After driving my mom back to her home, I was able to catch up with another nephew and meet his girlfriend (who in retrospect comes across as someone I've known for years), and tried out a great Uyghur restaurant not far from Mom's house.

The ride from Virginia to New York was surprisingly uneventful, given the travel day I picked.  I left Mom's house after 5PM, aiming to cross the mighty Hudson in plenty of time to work the midnight shift.  I honestly think at aiming to be at one's destination at an off-hour was the key to my success... I mean, who in their right mind wants to arrive at midnight?  The shift itself wasn't bad, I had taken a nap the prior afternoon.  At any rate, it was nice to see Ginger.  I got home in time to say good morning to my upstairs neighbor, who was getting ready to take the kids to school, and slept most of the day away.

As I said, last week already seems a bit unreal.  I'm already in 'Long Winter' mode- the deal I made with my coworker was that he'd work Thanksgiving (a London boy, it's not a holiday that resonates with him) and I will work Christmas so he can spend the day with his family.  I'm back in the New York groove, I just hope that, with a new COVID variant, it won't be a New York rut.