Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Vin's Birthday 2021

Here's wishing a happy birthday to my brother Vincenzo, who hosted me for Thanksgiving last week.  It has been traditional in our family to celebrate Vin's birthday as a continuation of Thanksgiving, and this year was no exception.  Vin's in the Huntsville region, and the presence of the space center there has meant that there are several really good German restaurants in the region, so we had a nice gemütlich celebration of his natal day.

Vin has always exhibited limitless generosity and boundless hospitality, and last week was no exception.  Soon after Vin entered the army, he posted the family address on a bulletin board, letting his comrades know that they had a place to have a good meal and to stay while on leave.  His generosity and hospitality hasn't diminished one bit.

Vin and his wife, also generous and family-oriented, have raised their children well, instilling in them the values that they embody.   They are smart kids, generous, and talented (they are all musical and the girls paint).  Vin himself, retired from the Army, has been working for an aerospace-related company.  He's able to work out of home, which has made the family dog ecstatic, but he maintains the 'strack' discipline that was instilled in him as a teenager- he's out of the house by 5AM to hit the gym every morning.  He's found a great work/life balance that gives him plenty of time for his family.

I'm proud of Vin, his wife, and the kids, and grateful to be related to them.  THAT is the main reason why Vin's birthday has always been a continuation of Thanksgiving.

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