Sunday, November 14, 2021

A Most Disquieting Read

The Guardian has a most disquieting article about the Republican Party's efforts to subvert democracy, primarily by filling Secretary of State positions with Trump loyalists, who would presumably refuse to certify any elections won by any Democratic, and democratic, candidates.  Infamously, Trump pressured the Georgia Secretary of State to 'find' just enough votes to overturn Biden's victory.  To his credit, Secretary Raffensperger refused to do Trump's bidding.  We may not be so lucky if the GOP stacks the deck, not only with voter suppression measures, but with corrupt election officials on the state and local levels.

Even more disturbingly, right-wing whackos are threatening election officials, leaving one-third of them feeling unsafe.  The Electoral College already shifts a great degree of power from high-population, heavily Democratic states to rural, heavily Republican states... if Republicans are allowed to appoint 'alternative electors' to thwart the will of voters, it will further distort the electoral demographics in this country.

All told, the article is a troubling, though important, read.  The time to counter these antidemocratic, anti-Democratic measures, is now, and the Democrats in Congress (yeah, it's only a couple of right-wingers) are not exactly busting their humps to do anything.

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