Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Toxic Masculinity Caucus

Republicans have a special talent for finding non-existent problems to crusade against. Today, we have Josh Hawley vowing to protect problematic d00ds:

To paraphrase myself, masculinity isn't inherently problematic, but toxicity is. 

As someone who is 12 out of 10 on the manliness scale, I have to not that 'real men' don't opine on what makes a real man. Sensitive guys, gay men, transmen... every individual gets to determine what his approach to masculinity is, to hell with the authoritarian assholes like Hawley. 

It's here where I note that the performative masculinity promulgated by the Republicans is stupid and silly.  As an example of this stupid bro shit, Ted Cruz released a video of himself using a rifle to cook bacon, a stunt disrespectful to both bacon and firearms.  When Ted Cruz had an opportunity to 'man up' and take on a defender's role, he fled a disaster (more a consequence of bad policy than natural) and left his constituents to freeze while liberal women did the work of helping stricken Texans.

As not only a manly man, but a member of 'the left', I will echo Hawley and say that, indeed, he and Cruz and the rest of them are part of the problem.  Hawley and Cruz are both graduates of elite universities, they should know at least a smattering of Latin.  The problem is that their concept of virility is void of virtue.  I sure hope Hawley tries to make this bizarre new front in the culture war a thing... I can't wait to see what sort of ridicule results.


Ten Bears said...

I've been accused of being a "sensitive yet virile 21st century kind of guy." Maybe I'm just missing the hell-raisin', harly-ridin' helicopter-loggin' of my younger days but I'm pretty damned tired of that "sensitive" part.

Five miles this morning, forty pounds of walking weight, 25% of my body-weight; 120 pullups, 240 pushups, 360 walking weighted flails (windmills, haymakers, jumping jacks without the jumping). Sixty-seven years old ...

Forgive if I don't take pip-squeaks seriously

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

There's a part of me that is extremely sensitive.

Richard said...

Last time i talked with the gods, they aren't counting. They just got tired of doing it. Probably they were busy.

I want to talk about being a man. The whole concept seems false somehow.
I have decided to go with being a male human.

Well no, i didn't choose, but that's what I got.

I didn't expect it would be so difficult. I had no idea that there would be these christians at every place.
We have the answer! Follow us!
I am a human so i had to throw that away.