Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans' Day in the Age of COVID

I figured that I would take an opportunity this Veterans' Day to check out the COVID-19 statistics for the military and the Department of Veterans' Affairs.  According to the national summary, there have been 85,242 cumulative cases of COVID-19 in the VA healthcare system, with 9,364 current cases, and 4,247 deaths.  The VA national survey also has an interactive map which indicates the number of cases, the number of convalescents, and the number of deaths associated with each Veterans' Administration medical facility.

In contrast, the reported numbers of COVID-19 among active duty military personnel are 91,892 cases and 111 deaths- active duty personnel tend to be younger and in better physical condition than veterans.

At any rate, the current death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic exceeds that of the combined deaths in WW1, Korea, Vietnam, and the two Gulf Wars.  Many elderly persons receive their primary medical care through the Veterans' Administration- they shouldn't have to face 'double jeopardy' by being exposed to the novel coronavirus in the facilities they use.

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