Monday, November 23, 2020

Sic Semper Petty Tyrannis

Emphasis on the petty... It looks like Trump has finally authorized the creation of a transition team, even though he has not officially conceded, and probably won't ever do so: The general consensus is that he didn't write that, it's just too literate. The lawsuits are failing, the legal team a coterie of krakens crackpots. Internecine fighting has broken out among the gang that couldn't shoot law straight. Only the most dedicated dead-enders are clinging to the hope that this is all a plan by Agent Orange to entrap Biden, Harris, and the entire Democratic Party for some non-defined plot to steal the election. some grifters will rise, others fall, but it looks like the Grifter-in-Chief has thrown in the towel. 

 Trump is a coward, he probably won't make a grand spectacle out of leaving office, just engage in a slew of petty moments of 'revenge'. He actually WOULD have a flunky remove the J's from White House keyboards. I can't wait to hear the final whimper.


Richard said...

He will never concede. We are going to have to force him to face this. I'm so sorry to be doing this. It is worse than a waste of time.
Because i am a a native of Los Angeles, and Utah, i often wonder why the electoral college always comes down to those same few states!
Silly me, i thought my vote counted!

StringOnAStick said...

Equal protection under the law seems to be in direct conflict with having the Electoral College, but what do I know? All the solutions to that, like increase the number of house seats or getting red states to pass the Interstate Voters Compact, seem like impossible lifts in the face of at best a 50-59 senate. On top of that, just cleaning up the mess and restoring what the R's under tRump have broken is a huge lift, aside from the fact that tRump is merely the logical way station of the entire R project.

I try to remain hopeful and I recognise that I will have to be this politically engaged in this fight for the rest of my life

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It's a slog, and the real disheartening fact is that about 40% of the population has gone insane.