Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Somewhat Reserved Happy Thanksgiving

Here's wishing my readers a happy Thanksgiving for a not-so-happy year.  For most of the year, there has been little to be thankful for, so I will reserve my gratitude for next year, which I sure hope is a comeback year.  

I'm spending the holiday on the job, which is the best place to be on this socially-distant holiday.  I have a small pot of gravy simmering on a hotplate, and will soon be making a small stuffed turkey meatloaf in the toaster over.  For a treat, I gave Ginger a bowl of milk, and she'll be getting a bit of turkey later.

I made sure to text my siblings, and everybody is doing well.  My brother Sweetums, in Switzerland, busted out the XXL fondue pot to celebrate Thanksgiving in Swiss fashion.  My brothers Gomez and Vincenzo, and my super snarky sister, Pickle, are doing well.  I just heard from one of my uncles, and he reminded me to follow the governor's orders to hunker down, which pretty much describes a typical workday for me.

I spoke on the phone with Mom at some length.  She is in a bit of a melancholy mood because she's not used to a Thanksgiving spent apart from at least a portion of our large family.  Of course, travel was out of the question, especially given the fact that one of my nieces is awaiting a COVID test after a classmate of hers tested positive.  Even Christmas shopping was a wash for Mom, she went to a couple of places to look for gifts to ship to the grandchildren in Switzerland, and the pickings were slim.  I told Mom to hold out for Easter, when a vaccine is likely to be available and a regime better equipped to handle the pandemic is in place. That's something to be thankful for...

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving, to the extent to which it's enjoyable.  Right now, I have a 'dorm room turkey dinner' to finish assembling.  I'm thankful to have a toaster oven right now.


Richard said...

I always look for your messages. We are just trying to survive. We will not be fooling around with cooking a turkey this year. We prefer to use them for other purposes.
It is a sad Thanksgiving this year. But, we are still here.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

That's something to be thankful for.