Friday, November 27, 2020

Buy Nothing Day? Do Nothing Day!

 Black Friday has never held any appeal for me.  I've never been a conspicuous consumer, and the idea of taking the day after Thanksgiving, a day meant for having out with the family, eating leftovers and playing board games, to drive around from rugby scrum to rugby scrum in search of bargains, seemed terrible.  Never mind putting poor, underpaid retail workers through the tortures of the damned... I don't want to buy into that sort of oppression.  This year, with the pandemic roaring back, the whole spectacle seems particularly horrific.  I'm not willing to die, or to kill, to buy a large-screen TV for 50% off.

I haven't even seen any reports of Black Friday sales figures, having spent most of the day sleeping.  For me, it hasn't been so much of a buy nothing day, but a do nothing day.  It's been a busy week, and I have to be at work at midnight, doing nothing is the greatest luxury there is these days.

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