Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Today's One Certainty

 Well, the election has been a shitshow, and its outcome won't be determined until all of the ballots are counted, even though Trump (as we knew he would) declared victory around 2:30 this morning (putting some teeth in the WaPo's 'democracy dies in darkness' motto).

The only thing which is a certainty is that COVID-19 has not gone away after the election, as Eric Trump said it would.  His disgusting father has echoed this lie on numerous occasions: 



I don't expect anyone to stop talking about it- the country approaches a death toll of a quarter of a million Americans.  The Trumps traffic in mendacity, and liars tend to believe that others also lie.  Even if the election results favor Joe Biden, the casualties mount, and it will be a miracle if we don't lose a million Americans (in March, I predicted a half-million deaths in the US)  before this thing runs its course.

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