Friday, November 20, 2020

Swanson's Turkey Gets Carved in Night of Long Knives

In the aftermath of Trump's electoral loss, I have been sporting a perpetual Schadenboner, and perhaps the most delicious part of it is the internecine fighting that has broken out among right-wingers.  A Night of Long Knives is a-brewin', and it looks like frozen food heir Tucker Carlson is going to get carved up like a turkey destined for a TV dinner.  Carlson, who is the Fox 'pundit' most beloved by white supremacists, made the fatal mistake of criticizing last best MAGA hope Sidney Powell by pressing her for evidence of voter fraud.  BIG MISTAKE!  Now the Donald Dead Enders are proclaiming that Tuck is a cuck,  Even flat-out neo-Nazis are rejecting the one Fox figure they thought was one of their own.

It wasn't so long ago when Republicans were touting Tuck as a 2024 presidential candidate... he's an authoritarian like Trump, and probably even more racist, but he is smarter and a better speaker.  He would have been a lot more dangerous than Trump, able to keep a lid on the bad stuff a lot better.  Now, he's quickly becoming yet another Emmanuel Goldstein for the far-right, a public enemy in a two-minutes hate that goes on for years.  The next Republican primary is going to be a disturbing spectacle, to say the least.


John said...

A few years ago, I d/l'd a copy of "1984" from the Australian Gutenberg Project. I copied it into Word, and reformatted it for easier reading (larger font and Times New Roman)

It's been a couple of years, and I became saddened all over again when I thought about it again after reading your essay.

So then, how many fingers?

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It's an amazing book. The tragedy is that too many people considered it a how-to manual.

Anonymous said...

I’d been hopeful, too, that this would be the end of L’il Fucker. But, alas, now Team Dump has cut Powell loose and many of their confused minions will now proclaim him a genius insider who knew Powell was awful and a Deep State plant designed to make Rs look bad. Or something. Because, wow, do they find ways to twist everything to support their current delusions.

E.A. Blair said...

1984 is not an easy read for the Trump years. I re-read my namesake's most famous work shortly before the election while I was recovering from a 10-day hospital stay. Given the times and my condition, that was, perhaps, not the best book to read. I had to lift my spirits with a couple of Carl Hiaasen's comic romps.