Monday, November 16, 2020

But Who Knows What He Tweeted to the Darkness, Alone, in the Bitter Watches of the Night?

 It looks like Donald Trump is continuing on in a deep state of denial.  Finally, the stink of failure has clung to this serially bankrupt, serially divorced trust fund kid, and he doesn't like it... not one bit:


It would be Pure Comedy Gold if he weren't capable of doing real damage to our society, indeed to the world.   One really gets the sense that his life seems shrinking, and the walls of his bower are closing in about him, a hutch to trammel some wild thing in.

When I contemplate the last days of the Trump Maladministration, I picture them being like the end of Werner Herzog's Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes, with Trump playing the role of a corpulent, partially-melted Klaus Kinski, raging at his followers as he denies his imminent downfall and plots a grandiose scheme of conquest:

Hell, there's even a creepy incest angle to both 'Aguirre' and 'Trump'- if it were legal, I suspect that Trump would make Ivanka his 'queen' when he ascends to his throne as God-Emperor... and if he ascends to his throne as God-Emperor, he would make it legal.  Thankfully, with his slew of lawsuits contesting the election all failing, it seems more and more likely that he's just a deranged tyrant floating aimlessly downstream, surrounded by frightened, chattering underlings that want nothing more than to abandon ship.

Post title taken from the Good Professor's works.

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Murder Inc. is under new management.