Sunday, December 1, 2019

An Appropriate Beginning to December

It's been an ugly day weather-wise, here in the NYC metro area. The storm that hit began as a snowstorm, but after a couple of hours, and no accumulation, it transitioned into a cold, steady rain. As is typical on the weekends, my first order of business was feeding my precious Ginger. The weather being yucky, I didn't even try to get her to join me on my walkabout, by which I mean my sullen trudge around the property.

It's been one of those days on which I'd have preferred to ensconce myself at one worksite, but that wasn't in the cards... I had to respond to a situation at another site. Thankfully, there weren't too many cars on the road- between the weather and the post-Thanksgiving travel hangover, there were few other cars on the road. This task took about an hour of my time, but not a lot of outdoor exposure.

The storm is expected to continue throughout tomorrow, with a mixture of snow, sleet, and rain. One of the major projects on the job has already been canceled due to the inclement weather. I'm not complaining, it's exactly the sort of day to spend indoors, making a big pot of soup from scratch. I'm hoping there will be no surprises to claim my time, it's my typical day off.

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