Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Haunted by the Spirit of the Falklands

One of my weekly listens is the Qanon Anonymous podcast, which concerns the big current right-wing conspiracy theory. This week's episode concerned the statutory rape and sex trafficking allegations against Prince Andrew. Perhaps it's the Irish in me (or more, ominously, the French), but I've never been a big fan of royalty in general, and the House of Windsor in particular, and I remember when 'Randy Andy' was a punchline in the tabloids. It was kind of funny when he was catting around with a woman whose greatest brush with fame ended up on George Lucas' cutting room floor, but it's appalling and gross now.

In a disgusting attempt to undermine accuser Virginia Roberts-Giuffre's allegations against him, the prince claimed that he was unable, for a time, to sweat because he was haunted by the Spirit of the Falklands:

My main motivation in posting this is that it's the perfect excuse to post one of my all-time favorite protest songs:

While the right-wingers squawk about Hollywood pedophile rings and Hillary Clinton's nefarious career as a child-eating Satanist, the Occupant of the White House is claiming not to know Prince Andrew, despite photographic evidence of them both hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein. The very idea that Trump is crusading against child trafficking is a disgusting farce.


Bea said...

The Duke of York and his car-crash of an interview on the BBC really took the cake. I believe he has been relieved of most of his royal duties. Oopsie!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

He should be thrown into the Tower for good.