Sunday, December 22, 2019

Happy Hanukkah 2019

Here's wishing my Jewish readers a happy Hanukkah. I have older Jewish friends who tell me that Hanukkah wasn't really a major holiday until relatively recently, post World War 2, at any rate. The holiday became a bigger deal when Christmas became more of a public extravaganza, and who doesn't want a festival of lights during the dark days of December? Maybe that explains why there really weren't any great Hanukkah songs, and the best known Hanukkah song, given the nature of the dreidel game, is best compared to The Gambler or Queen of Hearts. Oddly enough, while there really hasn't been great Hanukkah music, a lot of our popular Christmas standards were written by Jewish composers. I figure that music composition turnabout is fair play, so I present what is perhaps the best Hanukkah song, by the late, great Sharon Jones, who started off singing gospel music in church:

I love that video, with the band wearing ugly holiday sweaters depicting the band, and Sharon absolutely nails it, as she always did. I can't think of a better Hanukkah song, so you should blast it after all of the gambling's done.

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