Thursday, December 5, 2019

Sweetums' Birthday

Today marks the birthday of my older brother, Sweetums. Sweetums was the one who set the tone for the rest of us, and he's a hard act to follow. My super-scarcastic sister was the one who dubbed him 'Sweetums', joking that he was perfect and never did anything wrong... we all quickly came to the realization that she was right, and the name stuck. After all, Sweetums is perfect. He was back in the 'States six months ago for his college reunion, and we had a grand time, even stuck in the swamps of Jersey

I tried to call Sweetums in Switzerland before going to work this afternoon, but I imagine he and the family were out gallivanting around. The kids, like Sweetums and their mother, are also pretty much perfect, and it's a source of pride for me to hear of their exploits. Sweetums, fratello, happy birthday!

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