Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Little Reminder to De-Stress During the Holiday Season

After working on Halloween, I stopped by the 24-hour CVS to pick up some sundries and was chagrined to see that the night-crew was stocking Christmas merchandise, now that the Halloween juggernaut had rolled on. I like Christmas, I just like to see it start after Thanksgiving. I don't mind Christmas music being played at Stop-and-Shop, but I wouldn't want to be stuck working there, hearing it for a full shift. So far, I've been to one Christmas party, and had to miss another (ironically, the office party) because of work. I tend not to stress out about holidays, they should be happy occasions rather than free-for-alls.

Yesterday, I started off the day cranky, but was able to rally in time for a cheerful holiday luncheon. Tonight, the syndicated DJ on my favorite local commercial radio station played a funny reminder that we all need to 'shake the cranky away' this season:

I've become slightly obsessed with this song, which pokes fun at both sides of the 'War on Christmas' foofaraw:

The best thing about the band is that they are a kind of supergroup, with Norah Jones joining in on the fun, along with a special butt-shaking guest star at one performance at my beloved, beautiful Bell House:

Who could feel cranky after all that?

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