Friday, December 13, 2019

Ex-Cult Member and Cult Researcher Discuss Cult

Poking around my usual online haunts, I found an interesting video of a discussion of the QAnon conspiracy theory between QAnon researcher Travis View and former Moonie, current cult expert Steven Hassan. It's a respectful conversation between two individuals who seem to have the best interests of people bamboozled by the Cult of QAnon at heart:

I actually know someone who is a Moonie, who participated in the 1982 mass wedding in New York City. She is a decent person, seems to be well-adjusted, and is still married to the same man, and has raised some really good kids who seem to be doing well. When I found out she was an adherent of the Unification Church, I was weirded out for about ten seconds, but I realized that nothing had changed, that she was the same person I had come to like and admire.

I don't know if I could view a QAnon adherent in the same way, especially since there is an undercurrent of violent yearnings that the cultists just can't seem to hide. Travis and Steven make it clear that they are not dismissive of these people, but I don't think I could be as kind as they are.


Kdus232425 said...

In Pennsylvania alone, Kids for Cash scandal among the juvenile court judiciary, Penn State's coverup of Jerry Sandusky for decades, pedophile priests exposed but still being protected by the Catholic Church hierarchy for over a half-century, Graham Spanier former CIA Provost at Penn State, and onward nationally and internationally to Harvey Weinstein and Prince Andrew belie the cult expert's notion that QAnon dabbles in irrational conspiracy or outlandish claims. At a minimum and perhaps additionally, the cult researchers should turn their attention to cultish behavior that passes as socially acceptable servility to uniformed authority, a judge's black dress and priest's vestments notwithstanding.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The outlandish claim by QAnon supporters is that Donald Trump, friend of Epstein and guy who lusts after his own daughter, is going to be the hero who ends sex trafficking.

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