Monday, December 2, 2019

I Think This Will Be a Regular Stop on the Itinerary

Today wasn't exactly the sort of day that was conducive to wandering around, being damp and cold and slippery. I had some errands to run locally, though, so it was out the door, and off to the main drag two blocks away from Casa di Bastard. After accomplishing the tasks I needed to perform, I walked by one of the local deli/grocery stores and saw that there was a sign in the window advertising homemade burek. The shop, owned by a family from Kosovo, has a plethora of Eastern European products, including palacinka, various sausages, and preserves. I opted to get a house-made spinach burek and a tulumba. It was a nice alternative to grabbing a couple of slices of pizza, and the rest of the wares looked tempting as well.

Local hero, and high school classmate of mine, RJ Puma, recently returned to the neighborhood for a 'foodie tour' in August. I am familiar with all of the places covered in this trip. This Kosovar eatery is relatively new, but it's a worthy addition to the neighborhood, and, more importantly, it's closer to home than the famous Pelham Parkway bastion of burek. I look forward to learning a lot more about the cuisine of the Balkans, here in my beloved Yonkers.

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