Monday, December 30, 2019

New Year’s Eve Eve

I’ve long maintained that New Year’s Eve is amateurs night, a night when people who don’t know how to handle their booze go out and overdo it, and end up getting stupid. Prices are jacked up, service suffers because servers are harried. I live in the Tavern District of Yonkers, I can pop into a dozen bars within easy walking distance- there’s no need to get involved in a rugby scrum just to grab a beer.

My friends and I figured out a workaround- we are meeting in a gin mill tonight, New Year’s Eve Eve. A couple of us work unorthodox schedules (and are working tomorrow night). It’ll be a more low-key night, a night without lines and outrageous cover charges... an altogether more civilized night, while being more economical. It’s a grand idea... and I’m not that keen on champagne anyway.

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