Monday, March 4, 2019

With Apologies to Paul Frees

This has been a big month for Sebastian Gorka, the weirdo right-wing Anglo-Hungarian 'foreign policy expert' who was even too much of a grifter for the Trump Maladministration. Gorka is a weird blend of pseudointellectual (he insists on calling himself 'Dr Gorka', even though his doctorate is questionable) and wannabe tough guy (I suspect he is overcompensating for his effete eurotrash accent). He claims to be an expert on Islamic extremist terror, but he doesn't speak or read Arabic. The crowning Gorka Glory is that he is, if not exactly a Nazi, not exactly not a Nazi. He is the sort of grifter who really only fails upwards in the milieu of a failed political party.

I didn't realize who Gorka reminded me of until last weekend, when he claimed that Democrats were coming after your ground-beef products:

Cartoon villain with a vague mitteleuropäische accent? SEBASTIAN GORKA IS THE BURGOMEISTER MEISTERBURGER!!! While he would be really successful playing the heavy in children's holiday cartoon specials, Gorka will no longer appear as a Fox contributor. Asked for comment, Gorka merely said:

I really shouldn't lump Sebastian Gorka in with the talented, comedy genius that is Paul Frees, a personal favorite of mine...