Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Senator from Utah Can't Recognize His State Dinosaur

Via Crooks and Liars... Mike Lee, Republican senator from Utah, decided to try humor in his critique of the proposed Green New Deal, and it didn't go too well:

My biggest beef with this speech, aside from the general menacity, is Lee's assertion at 1:53 that the dinosaur Reagan is riding is a Velociraptor... velociraptors were small things, about the size of turkeys. Lee, being from Utah, should have recognized that bigass dromeosaur as a Utahraptor. It's only the state dinosaur of his homeland.

As expected, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the best response to Lee's drollery, by which I mean trollery:

Weird, mediocre white guys like Mike Lee never seem to suffer imposter syndrome.


Al said...

No where in the Green New Deal is there any talk about dealing with our addictive and deadly obsession with Corporate Capitalism's most important commodity, the privately owned automobile and the cars-first transportation system. The transportation sector is the largest emitter of green-house gases in the US. Every car that you see, emits about 44 tons of Co2 into the atmosphere during it's lifetime. And there is no such thing as a "green" car. A "green" car is just a capitalist marketing ploy to keep the cars-first transportation system in place. In my opinion, the Green New Deal is about saving Capitalism, just like FDR's Nw Deal was about saving Capitalism in the 30's. Corporate Capitalism must die along with it's most important product, the car, if there is to be any hope of averting climate catastrophe. Automobiles and their body parts now litter the whole planet and kill 1.2 million people world-wide in traffic violence. But I doubt that many motorist would be willingl give up their cars in order to save humanity from climate catastrophe.

The New York Crank said...

Mike Lee had better work very hard to hold on to his day job. He's sure as hell not going to make it as a comedian.

Yours crankily ,
The New York Crank