Saturday, March 30, 2019

Gomez' Birthday 2019

This being March 30th, this is the day I wish a happy birthday to my baby brother, dubbed 'Gomez' by my super-sarcastic sister when we were kids. As has been typical since he was a boy, Gomez asked my mom for money for hockey equipment for his birthday present. One of the funniest Gomez stories from high school involved hockey practice- Gomez is a goalie, and goalies, like drummers, are always in high demand. After his high school hockey practice at the venerable Murray's Skating Center in the City of Y______, he was approached by an adult who was there to play a friendly cops vs firefighters game. Gomez being a strapping lad, he was being scouted...

"Hey, man, we could use a goalie for this game tonight, can you stick around and play?"
"Uhhhh... I gotta ask my mom."
"ASK YOUR MOM?!? What's up with that?"
"I'm still in high school."

Ice time being a precious thing, mom granted Gomez permission to play goalie for the FDY, and he comported himself well with the older crowd. Thirty years later, he is still playing goalie, he's coaching his kids' teams, and he is refereeing hockey games as a side gig. He's on the board of the local hockey association. He's doing well for himself, and for others. Happy birthday, baby bro!

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