Monday, March 11, 2019

Speedboats in the Hills of Chappaqua!!!

Here we have a dispatch from the most feverish of the fever-swamps of MAGAstan... some sort of 'frogman boat' coming to BRING THE PAIN!!! These two camo-ed stealth-boats are coming for Hillary:

It's going to take awhile, the Saw Mill River needs a good dredging to accommodate these suckers...

The lunatics are especially hotted up these days because they believe that their enemies will be crushed before the month is over. They're gonna need a bigger boat if they're going to ship tens of thousands of people to Gitmo.

ADDENDUM: Oh, Lordy, I really needed to have read the original tweets more carefully... it's satire, when I thought it was an embed of a true believer's video. It's getting so damn hard to suss out the snark in these post Poe's Law days. Even acknowledging that I have egg on my face, I'm leaving this post up, because the image of high-tech speedboats racing alongside the South County Trail is hilarious. Looks like I'm not the only one to fall for it.

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