Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Did We Ever Need a Bloomberg Candidacy?

As Tengrain noted, Mike Bloomberg is out of contention for the 2020 Democratic primary. Heaven forfend that he tries to push the Republican Party away from the brink! Much like Howard Schultz' flirtation with a presidential run, Bloomberg's test-run seems largely motivated by a desire to keep the kids away from the Siren Song of Socialism by giving them some mealy-mouthed mushy middle maunderings. Sure, Trump's bigotry is very vulgar, but at least he won't sit idle and watch some young whippersnappers raise the marginal tax rates by a few percentage points.

Bloomberg's popularity lies strictly with Beltway insiders and media 'both-sides' fetishists. Even here in New York, where he reigned as mayor, Bloomberg would probably lose in a primary against Fatberg.

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