Sunday, March 31, 2019

Perhaps She Found That Sound After All

On Saturday, Robyn Pennacchia at Wonkette wrote about a new target of the QAnon lunacy... the CHUDs believe that Kate Bush's video for The Red Shoes depicts a murderous initiation into the international child-eating cabal, while we mundane well-read people can instantly recognize that it is straight out of Hans Christian Andersen's oeuvre. It's weird to me that these people, who claim to be champions of 'western civilization' have absolutely no knowledge of western culture. Sure, they have bullshit beliefs that red shoes denote Satanists, but a simple children's fairy tale eludes their ken.

The idea that Kate Bush is a murderous occultist is absolutely ludicrous, but I won't rule out that she very well may be a murderous mad-scientist, because she was once tasked with finding a sound that could kill someone from a distance:

All joking aside, that is one terrific video, for my favorite Kate Bush song, it's a very effective little horror movie packed into four minutes and forty three seconds, leavened with some funny Easter eggs and several cameos by the adorable Ms Bush, who directed the video.


DocAmazing said...

Satanist? I thought the angels wanted to wear your red shoes!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Fallen angels, old chum, fallen angels.