Friday, March 1, 2019

Cheesed Off

I just found out about a new 'viral' stunt- people are throwing pre-sliced cheez-food product at others' faces, hoping that it will stick, and recording video of the occurrence. This new stunt is called 'cheesing'.

I'm slightly offended by this trend... it's potentially a waste of food (though some of the cheese-ees are reported to have eaten the slice that was thrown at them), and it often involves babies or toddlers who probably get frightened by having something thrown onto their faces. The real offense, though, is that the individually-wrapped process cheez-food slices are being described as cheese. By heritage, I am a quarter-Italian, a quarter-French, and a quarter-Swiss... I take my cheese seriously. Hell, even the quarter-Irish part of me balks at calling this stuff cheese... there are some fine Irish cheeses out there. If you want to 'cheese' someone, use an actual cheese, just don't use a Pecorino Romano- that stuff is hard and can hold an edge sufficient to draw blood.

Also, haven't we heard enough about individually wrapped Kraft singles to last a lifetime?


bowtiejack said...

Nailed it!
In a properly run society, the US Department of Agriculture (or whoever has jurisdiction of this stuff) would require that it be labelled something like "ersatz cheese-like product".

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...