Friday, March 8, 2019

Something Rotten Down in Broward

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Patriots' owner getting arrested for soliciting prostitution, noting that Kraft is buddy/buddy with Trump. Well, shit got weird- the woman who founded the spa has been photographed with all sorts of Republican mucky-mucks, and was present at Donald's Superbowl watching party. While she had sold the spa Kraft was caught in back in 2013, there is evidence on 'rub-and-tug' finding websites that sexual services were offered while she ran the joint. In a particularly gross-and-suggestive instance, the MAGA Madam posed with the odious Matt Gaetz, who cast the single vote against the recent anti sex trafficking bill.

Once again, Trump has been connected to a probable sex trafficker, and while there is no clear evidence that he himself engaged in sex trafficking (though there is a connection between employment at Mar-a-Lago and being abused by Epstein), the sketchy practices of his modelling agency, which included a sort of 'indenture' in which undocumented women were charged to stay in company-run dormitories are eerily similar to the 'debt slavery' which kept most of the undocumented women working in the Broward brothels, which also functioned as company-run dormitories.

The very idea that Trump is fighting an international sex-trafficking cabal is both grotesque and ludicrous.


M. Bouffant said...

Grotesque, ludicrous & no doubt plenty of projection.

Some wonderful rogue's galleries of Madame w/ every R.W. Weasel in creation circulating the webnets too.

StringOnAStick said...

That Kraft went to such a utilitarian rub n tug shop indicates he's either a cheap bastard, or he gets off on seeing women in the most degraded position possible and the control it gives him. I leaning hard on the latter.