Saturday, March 2, 2019

A Two Hour Two Minutes Hate

Having a bit of a masochistic streak, I have been following coverage of this year's CPAC, a right-wing Loonapalooza which culminated in a two hour long speech by the Dotard. It was a two-hour long Two Minutes Hate, complete with anger towards Robert Mueller, fearmongering about immigration and 'creeping socialism' in the guise of environmentalism, and continued lies about inauguration crowd size. Who says that people want new material? While Libertarian Fonzie raved about the speech, more mainstream authors panned it. Quick, what's the difference between Stephen King and Nick Gillespie? One writes horror fiction, while the other is Stephen King.

The coverage of CPAC that I have been reading tends toward the unsympathetic, by which I mean the observers reported the proceedings as they occurred. If the conference seemed like a freakshow, it's because it was. Perhaps the Freak of the Week was a newly returned Michelle Malkin, who is channeling her inner Alex Jones by fantasizing that a civil war is imminent. The really messed up thing about this is that I don't see anybody in the party she supports talking the base away from the ledge. Mercifully, the base tends to be dim and lazy, so I can't see their civil war going much beyond some shitposting on Twitter.

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