Friday, March 22, 2019

Ring Me Ring Me Ring Me up the FBI, and Find out if my Country's Alive

It happened, the Mueller Report has finally been released. There's a lot of speculation about what it contains, but I'm not jumping on the overly optimistic bandwagon, and am resigned to the feeling that this isn't the succor so many sought. It's not like the FBI has exactly covered itself in glory when it comes to Trump. Hell, it's a weird organization, while it has done things like catch the Unabomber, it has also done things like harass Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Yeah, it's a bit weird that so many left-of-center people have projected their hope of a savior onto Mueller and his investigation.

At any rate, I figure I have to explain the post title now- it's adapted from a line from the Ramones' song The KKK Took my Baby Away:

The important thing is that the FBI isn't going to save us, impeachment is dead on arrival with a Republican dominated Senate. It's up to us to save ourselves, and next year's elections are going to be the most important ones of my lifetime, once again.

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