Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Real Reason for Supply Chain Problems!!!

Disruptions in global supply chains are a big international news story, with many factors cited by the Lamestream Media- a shortage of shipping containers, a shortage of truck drivers, a shortage of dock workers...  Images of a cargo ship gridlock off the LA coast are all over the internet, and consumers are urged to buy Christmas gifts early because of forecast shipping delays.

The 'normie' narrative just isn't that exciting, though, so the fever swamps have conjured up a more lurid narrative, one involving their favorite conspiracy theory about the Global Elite and their esoteric drug habit:

Oh, yeah, baby! My favorite drug is whacko conspiracy narratives, and this (complete with misspelling) is quite the fix...  My one beef with this particular story is that it completely ignores the Mole Children imprisoned in Deep Underground Military Bases beneath US cities... I mean, how can these people claim to be Making America Great Again when they prefer imported adrenochrome to domestic?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the struggle against the baby eaters continues:

Let's take a deeper look at this, shall we?  Leader Jeanette Archer says the royal family "are not even human".  I'm certainly no fan of the British royal family, but seeing this nonsense leads me to believe that Johnny Rotten has a lot to answer for!


Richard said...

What is this? Not again. I'm old so you don't have to listen to me. I can't believe we are having another satanic panic.
We already did this!
I am having an ok boomer moment!

At the time, we were trying to talk and compromise with evangelical christians. We were trying to tell them that you are ok fine, we are in United States and we practice seperation of church and state.

I think this relationship between evangelicals and Republicans is not healthy.
It is a looser for the evangelicals. I can't see how they win.

It is a big win for the Republicans.

Think about it. Meanwhile you television addled fools are talking about adenochrome and eating babies and all that shit you really believe in.

You all should be ashamed.

We didn't have satan until you brought that idea.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The greatest trick the authoritarians ever played was convincing the world that the Devil is real.