Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Stupid Civil War and the Nap Until Ft Sumter

Talk of a second civil war in these here United States has become quite common on the Right, and some of the less astute righties, such as some young toolburger at a Turning Point USA rally, are asking "when do we get to use the guns?"  I'd say that they yearn to kill people, but they've been doing that for as long as I remember, with the current violent trend starting in August 2017.

Meanwhile, the response at all levels of government is rooted in denial that there is a violent backlash to the proper functions of democracy brewing.  Recent news stories of a judge releasing a woman who threatened to shoot Speaker Pelosi before she serves time for a misdemeanor, and of Austin police palling around with mask-off neo-Nazis, are infuriating... at best, the authorities are sleeping until another Fort Sumter event (besides the abortive attempt to take the Capitol), at worst, they are planning on throwing in with the fascists.

I know that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but damnit, the response to a widespread march to mass murder ala 1990s Rwanda is cartoonishly incompetent.


StringOnAStick said...

No lie told.

davidchop said...

I have a family member fairly high up in the DoJ (think: one level below appear before the Senate). She keeps telling me to be patient, but it's really getting hard. She says 5-7 years just to *get to* trial is pretty standard. Then appeals, delays, etc.. (which these guys seem pretty good at the run out the clock game). This whole Trump debacle is very far from standard and they're being very careful about how they proceed. So add even more time. I'm with you on the "feels like it's taking forever" thing. I'm definitely itching for some perp walks and convictions and so on, but past performance and a sober look at how the DoJ really works says it's not due yet. Patience. :grrrr:

Richard said...

They are going to play it out until he finally dies. We will not get our vindication. Don't forget, all these lawyers are depending on a steady job.