Thursday, October 7, 2021

That's Not Benevolent!

The big local story here in the NYC Metro Area is the resignation of Ed Mullins, the head of the NYPD Sergeants' Benevolent Association after FBI raids on his office and his home.  While the FBI did not reveal the nature of the allegations against Mullins, the buzz is that it involves mismanagement of funds.

Mullins is, in a word, garbage... he has shared racist videos with the SBA membership, and has a history of making racist statements on social media platforms.  There is evidence that he is at least QAnon curious.  Of course, he is being portrayed as a martyr by right-wingers, who have a high tolerance for both racist behavior and fiduciary misconduct.

It's nice to see a terrible person like Mullins get his comeuppence, and it will be fascinating to see what sort of spin the Deplorables will put on this sordid tale.


Richard said...

I will go off topic again. I wanted to tell you about the country i live in. We will never be sorry if we protect Bears Ears. It should be as large as possible.
We just want to protect it. It is special. We are still using it.
What will they do?

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The Trump Administration removing protections for Bears Ears was a crime, and the current administration should restore those protections. I trust Deb Haaland to do the right thing here.

Trump has hated Native Americans since the 1990s, when he was trying to prevent the Iroquois from opening casinos in upstate New York.

emjayay said...

Ohhhh that's the possible source of TFG's animosity. Sounds like him.

Anyway you guys all got your wish probably as you were typing!

But removing 100,000 people from Afghanistan in a few days didn't go as well as it might have, what with tons of random people who just wanted to get the fuck out showing up and a lot of others ignoring the months of messaging and free plane tickets. And another suicide bomber blew himself and a bunch of other people up again, so Biden is bad.

emjayay said...

Remember when TFG "honored" some 90 year old Navajo code talkers in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson? Classy.

Richard said...

emjayay, I do remember that. But we did get a victory this time. Hopefully we can make it last.

Richard said...

Oh, i forgot we were supposed to be talking about the garbage, this Mullins character.
Believe me, we have bigger fish to fry.