Friday, October 1, 2021

Commencing Submarine Mission

It's October, our principal fundraising month on the job.  I am transferring from a mode of operation in which I tend to have free time (though I must always keep one eye on things) to busy mode.  Three days out of five, I will be working an event, which entails being 'Johnny on the Spot'.  This month, I won't even be seeing Ginger more than two nights a week!

I always characterize this time of the year as 'Going Captain Nemo'... I will surface in a month.  Typically, in October, I set up weekend blog posts in advance, typically blog posts about spooky stuff, in accordance with the prophecy season.  The initial post, though, is typically submarine-related, as befits a Captain Nemo type.  I figured that, this year, I'd post my third favorite song about submarines, a woefully underknown number from 1991 by a woefully obscure band:

"I'm not drowning, I'm just going under" perfectly encapsulates the month of October for me.


Richard said...

Good Luck with the fundraising mission! And thank you for this blog.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thsnks, Richard, it means a lot.