Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Last Super Busy Day?

Today is the closing day of the semester of my volunteer coaching gig.  Because of COVID-19, we moved from our indoor facilities to an outdoor venue.  Deprived of our dojo, we have been conducting facsimiles of judo classes (can't play contact sports while social distancing), using elastic bands to teach kuzushi and improvising throwing dummies from goalpost pads.  The 'new normal' has forced us to be creative, though we certainly miss being able to actually spar with each other.

After classes, we will have a luncheon and awards ceremony for the kids who have shown the most progress in the various athletic endeavors... and then I'm off to work one of our fall fundraisers.  I don't expect to get back home until about 1AM tomorrow.

This will be the last day of October on which I will be out of the house from 9AM to 1AM the following day.  The next couple of weekends will be busy, but today is the last super busy day.  I will actually be able to have some semblance of a sleep schedule for the next couple of weekends.  A semblance of a social life is still out of the question, though.

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