Monday, April 26, 2021

They're the Meatmen and They Suck

 The latest salvo in the stupid right wing culture war is an assertion that Joe Biden would limit Americans' red meat consumption to four pounds a year.  This bullshit story originated with the UK tabloid The Daily a poorly sourced story which also claims that Biden would force car buyers to spend money on electric cars.

The idea that the Democrats would limit Americans' hamburger consumption is a hoary trope, by which I mean tripe, among conservatives, as this old clip from Sebastian 'Blimphead' Gorka reveals:

Naturally, it also played into hatred of AOC.

The funny thing is that meat was difficult to come by a year ago, when the Trump Pandemic disrupted supply lines.  Personally, I subsisted on bean dishes cooked with a bit of chorizo or ham hock for flavor.  Trump limited burger consumption more than Biden ever will.

I take my omnivory seriously, even engaging in occasional entomophagy.  That being said, I have been endeavoring to cut back on my meat consumption for health as well as environmental reasons... I also embrace the rooter-to-tooter model of meat-eating, and actually prefer cuts like shanks to more expensive 'normie' cuts.  I firmly reject the weird performative masculinity that conservatives attach to meat-eating, with it's weird pseudoscience about plant estrogens.  I suspect that the rumors that Biden is trying to make everybody a near-vegetarian has some roots in right-wing fear of emasculation.

Post title taken from this nastily transgressive cultural artifact.

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