Monday, April 5, 2021

Infrastructure Week Is a Bit of a Slog

Today and tomorrow, the streets in my neighborhood are being repaved, so there is no parking to be had.  I left my car parked on the job, not wishing to drive around the neighborhood looking for a spot.  Not being in a hurry to get home,  I decided to take the bus home rather than the train/bus combo... it's cheaper, a mere $2.75 with a free transfer.  

I finished my shift at 7AM, and walked to the bus stop, learning that the next 13 bus would arrive at 7:46..  I decided to use this time to gas up the car, which was about 1/4 full, across the street from work, and finally settled on getting to the bus stop ten minutes early.  The bus actually arrived a couple of minutes early, and if there's one thing worse than the bus running late, it's the bus arriving early.  The 13 bus only runs about once an hour.  The ride is not unpleasant, and I was able to transfer to the 20 bus without having to sprint for it.

I decided to exit the bus a few stops early and stop by an Albanian deli and grocery to pick up something for the morning meal, whether breakfast or dinner, who can say?  It's been a while since I've had Albanian food, so I decided on a 'greatest hits' approach, choosing a lamb-filled burek, a qebapa, qyfte, and a smoked sausage, probably a sujuk.  A crusty pita style bread and a salad with a tasty, mustard-seed vinagrette accompanied the meat fest.  It was a fine meal to consume before passing out after a midnight shift, an hour and fifteen minute bus ride, and a two mile walk.

Not even the sounds of the road repaving in front of my house could keep me away.


Richard said...

That sounds like some excellent Albanian food. I hope you enjoyed it and had leftovers for the next day. I like Albanian people and i like their food.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It's good stuff, I really need to eat it more often. Most of the Albanian restauranteurs around here run pizza places, there are a couple of burek places in town.