Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Annual Tax Day Post

For the first time in four years, I actually felt good about paying my taxes again.  In contrast to last year, when I took advantage of the COVID-19 filing extensions and didn't send in my return until July, I prepared my return and sent it in in February.  For the record, I typically end up owing money, and last year, I wanted to give the gonif in the White House as little time to spend my tax dollars as was possible. 

A perusal of past years' April 15 posts will show that I am not the sort of person who complains about paying taxes.  Taxes are the membership fee we pay to live in a functioning society (when, of course, our society functions).  This year, I am optimistic that the $2.3 billion infrastructure bill will go a long way to improve the pay of essential healthcare workers, provide jobs that cannot be outsourced, increase the percentage of power generated by renewable resources, and improve roads, bridges, rail, broadband internet, and water purification and distribution.  While much of this infrastructure budget is supposed to be paid for with corporate tax hikes, I'm perfectly happy to pay my share.  I've often noted that I'd rather pay $500 extra in taxes to avoid a $600 bill when my car is damaged by hitting a pothole that could have been fixed by a competent administration.

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trillion not billion