Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Preview of 2022

I've predicted that next year's Republican primary elections are going to be an absolute nightmare as the terrible Tea Party politicians are primaried by an up-and-coming class of full-on QAnon conspiracy theorists.  For those unfamiliar with the QAnonsense, it's basically a mashup of the ancient antimsemitic blood libel conspiracy theory with Illuminati/Freemasonry conspiracy theories, and the added twist that Donald Trump, of all people, would bring down the Cabal that secretly runs the world, using the rest of the population as cattle.  It's bad, and it's violent, and it's taking over the GOP, starting at the local level:

Tracy 'Beanz' Diaz was instrumental in moving the original 'Q Clearance Patriot' shitposter from the fever swamps of 4Chan to the 'normie' precincts of the internet, such as Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook:

Diaz, a YouTube poster and Pizzagate proponent, basically acted as a 'midwife' for the QAnon bullshit, and is reputed to have authored some of the Q Drops before the whole Qit-and-Qaboodle moved to 8Chan, where it was most likely taken over by Ron and Jim Watkins, the proprietors of that online filthfest. 

Now, she's an official Republican apparatchik in a South Carolina county.  It's not really a case of the serpent eating its own tail, the Quroboros is a snake with its head wedged up its ass, by which I mean cloaca.  Expect the electoral processes in the Republican Party to descend into a maelstrom of madness in the runup to the 2022 midterm elections.

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Richard said...

I think they will not go with trump. They will go with populist like that Boebert and other mommies. They will still go with their NRA and their sense of being the real victims.
They will totally wave those flags. They will hang out in those "churches " .Which are just clubhouse and tax shelter.
They are still waving those tattered banners! True love never dies!
What the fuck dude.
You, yes you tried to kill us. We figure it was probably out of ignorance. That is no excuse for some of the shit you are trying pull.

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